Communicating About Space: Pitfalls and Priorities

Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 7 pm at Huntsville-Madison County Main Public Library Main Auditorium, with Bart Leahy, freelance technical writer.

Technical communication plays a vital role in space advocacy. NASA, billionaire investors, traditional space companies, and small businesses, as well as science and nonprofit organizations want their messages heard. In a unique gathering for members of the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5) and the Society for Technical Communication (STC), guest speaker Bart Leahy will reveal how technical communication can strengthen space advocacy.

Video of the May 2019 Program Talk

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About Bart Leahy

Mr. Leahy is a technical writer who has bridged the technical communication and space advocacy worlds by specializing in writing for the diverse space community. His talk will share insights on effective communication in a space context. He will also discuss some of the pitfalls that space organizations can suffer from and ways to overcome them. In this way, he explores methods for space advocates and technical communicators to contribute to a shared future where people live and work in outer space.

Bart Leahy is a freelance technical writer. His diverse career taken him from the Midwest to Washington, DC, Huntsville, Alabama, and Orlando, Florida. He has worked for large corporations, defense contractors, NASA contractors, small businesses, and aerospace news sites. He has also taught business writing at the University of Alabama-Huntsville and supported space advocacy groups, and nonprofits such as the Science Cheerleaders. His professional blog, Heroic Technical Writing, shares insights about the business of technical communication.

Huntsville-Madison County Main Public Library Main Auditorium

Huntsville-Madison County Main Public Library is located at 915 Monroe Street in downtown Huntsville. The main auditorium is on the right when you come in the main entrance.