Upcoming HAL5 Events of Interests


June 16 @ 10 am - 3 pm

HAL5 will be at NASA in the Park to celebrate 60th anniversary of NASA. We will be showing our Lunar Rover computer simulator (LUROVA) for kids and adults to drive. [Learn More]

July 5 @ 7 pm

Falling Stars: Perseid Meteor Shower 2018 with Haley Rice, Astronomer and Founder of Project Night Sky. Location: Huntsville-Madison County Main Library Meeting Room A & B (next to Auditorium) [Learn More]

Aug 9 - 12

Power Grid Defense Conference 2018 (PGDCon2018). Save the Grid. Save the Future! If our grids goes down, then there goes our future in the stars. Location: Embassy Suites Hotel - Huntsville [Read More]

News of Interest

Voyager Golden Disc 2.0 Student Submission

A global students competition presented by HAL5 and Janet's Planet to re-create the Voyager golden disc 2.0. Please spread the word for submissions and sponsorship! [Read More]


2018 UAH Engineering Forum

2018 UAH Engineering Forum will explore and discuss state-of-the-art engineering solutions to modern engineering problems. It will feature invited presentations from faculty and technical experts from universities and companies. [Read More]

History, Projects, Education and Outreach

about us

About Us

Not-for-profit 501(c)(3), space educational and advocacy organization that believes space development can stimulate our world with immeasurable benefits and ultimately room to grow for our society.


Monthly Programs

Monthly public talks on wide range of science, space, technology and science fiction talks. Opportunity for audience to engage with the speaker one-on-one.



Various projects, current and past. Includes Conferences, Project HALO and Alabama Power Grid Defense Committee.


Education Outreach

Local STEM/STEAM activities and school visits to demonstrate how science can be fun, educational and artsy.


Project HALO

Our longest, on-going project. Goals of Project HALO are to provide cheap access to space for small groups, technology development, and education. Amateur altitude record of ~36 miles in May 11, 1997.

Power Grid Defense

Alabama Power Grid Defense

Spearhead long-overdue initiatives to safeguard Alabama and regional power grids from natural and man-made threats. Bring awareness to public, and coordinations with government entities. Power Grid Defense 2018 Conference will be held on Aug. 9 - 12, 2018 at Embassy Suites Hotel, Huntsville Alabama.