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Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5) is a chapter of the National Space Society (NSS). It was formed in 1983 and incorporated in 1984. Both HAL5 and the NSS are not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Thanks to support from people like you, HAL5 is now one of the leading chapters of the NSS. We are involved in many activities. Any time you can donate to assist in these activities is very much appreciated! To those that are currently doing so -- Thank You!

HAL5 hosts a long running monthly Program Night which provides free public lectures on space, science, and technology topics for the general public. HAL5 educational programs also includes participation in science and space-related talks at outings and local schools. HAL5 also engages in space advocacy, which includes membership and petition drives, letter writing campaigns, and visits with local public and corporate officials.

HAL5 projects, besides the Project HALO, include working with local technical society like Von Braun Astronomical Society on Astronomy Day, Future City competition, science fair judging, and the hosting of regional, and 1993 and 2011 International Space Development Conference (ISDC).

HAL5 Membership

HAL5 membership due is the primary source of funds to support the operation of the society. This includes, but not limited to, printing of literatures and event flyers, outreach activities, monthly program, and special projects support. New HAL5 membership dues are prorated so that all memberships expire on December 31. On the paper form, please check the membership type and appropriate rate box corresponding to the month you join.P ast HAL5 members will be renewed at $16.

Month of Joining Regular Special
January, February, March $16 $8
April, May, June $12 $6
July, August, September $8 $4
October, November, December $4 $2
Special: Youth, senior citizen, retired or unemployed.

What Can You Do to Help Us?

In addition to becoming a HAL5 member, you can donate your time (volunteering and speaking at our monthly program). If you cannot donate your time, however (and we do understand the limits placed on your free time) -- and even if you can -- please consider making a donation of money and/or equipment to HAL5 or its Project HALO. Your donation to HAL5 is tax-deductable to the extent which the law allows. Please make your check payable to the "Huntsville Alabama L5 Society" and send it to:

Huntsville Alabama L5 Society
PO Box 22413
Huntsville, AL 35814

You can also join and renew your membership and make a donation to HAL5 online via our Square account. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Membership to HAL5 does not include membership to our national organization (National Space Society - NSS). We encourage all HAL5 member to join NSS. Be sure to select "Huntsville Alabama L5 Society or Chapter ID 101" as the Recruiting Chapter: Additional infomration about NSS membership can be found at here at NSS Membership Page.

Contact Us

You can or through regular mail at HAL5, PO Box 22413, Huntsville, AL 35814.